Monday, June 20, 2011

Potty Time

Sigh....Potty training. Just when I think I have it all figured out, I don't. Kaylee was easy!! She was a little over 2 and in no time she was potty trained. We made a box full of goodies. We painted it together green and red. I went to the $1 store and got lots of toys and candy to put in there. I had coloring books and reading books next to the potty to keep her distracted while using the potty.

You would always know when Kaylee was going potty because she would run and hide. That is when I would snatch her up and stick her on the potty. Each time she went we got VERY excited and she picked a prize. Jeremy...has not been so easy.

             This is Kaylee hiding in a Ocean City Hotel trying to go potty LOL

                                                 She liked her privacy ;)

Jeremy started off GREAT! #1 and #2 both in the potty for a weekend straight. I sent him off to school in underwear right away. After a weekend with no accidents, there was no reason to doubt he wouldn't have issues at school right? Wrong! Going #1 was no problem. It was #2 that was the issue. I can even remember saying "Id rather him have a accident with #2 then #1, at least #2 I can just dump out"

HA! Apparently my boy eats good and doesn't have "dumpables" The daycare he is at throws away his underwear if there too soiled. It took less then a pack of underwear to have me revert back to pull-ups. I really don't like pull-ups, there just like diapers if you ask me. But they have Velcro siding. Like Jeremy knows the difference.

Here is the accidents at all!! Every night he will go #1 and #2 with no issues. He tells my hubby or I when he has to go. Even in a movie theater, restaurant, even outside in a bathing suit. Daycare, he stays a mute. Completely silent while he uses his pull-up to its full capacity!

This is SO frustrating to me. I can only assume the daycare is working with him. I can only assume the daycare is taking him to the bathroom often. But the fact that Jeremy will say at home when he has to go and not at school is bothersome. I guess he just feels comfortable at home to tell us. The teachers say he is shy at school. Which is NOT how he is at home! Its weird how kids can be one way somewhere and another somewhere else.

I wish I was a stay at home mommy....

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