Saturday, June 25, 2011

Girl Crush

Some have questioned my love for lady gaga. " Why do you love her so much? She dresses so weird! Shes crazy! She has a d!ck" Sigh....

Let me first off by talking her musical talent. I could care less if she has two heads on her. She can sing her ass off, she can play the piano and write her own songs. Ive been to many concerts and Ive seen lip syncing. She did not lip sync the entire concert. She went out, there danced like no ones business and sang the WHOLE time. Don't get me wrong, I like Britney Spears but she doesn't sing AT ALL. When you go to see her show, your going to see her dance and that's about it. Lady Gaga got on the piano and played a beautiful ballad. And the fact that she can turn her feelings into written art without coming out and saying what shes trying to say is amazing to me. If I was going to write a song about a ex it would be like Taylor Swift style, saying He broke my heart Im sad. Lady Gaga puts this crazy twist on it like...The stars hid within the clouds and the moon was lost LOL. I dunno, but you get the point.

                    One of her many outfit and set designs

             Me and my BFF Laura
               Were so adorable
                 Her concerts are HUGE productions

Another HUGE HUGE main reason I love her is because she just doesn't care! She doesn't care if people think she has a d!ck, or if she wears a meat suit. She is who she is. She was (cliche) Born that way. And shes proud of who she is. Her confidence is so admirable. If I had 1/10 of her confidence I would be a much better person. I'm concerned about wearing shorts! And she doesn't care what she wears. Well she cares. See that's the thing, her outfits have thought that goes into each one. There is a story behind every outfit. She just doesn't wear it to be different. Everything has a purpose.

She didn't grow up rich. She got to where she is thru hard work.She believed in something and she wasn't going to give up until she got what she KNEW she could attain. I think again it all comes back to confidence. She knew she could do it and succeed. So even if she hit a road block, she knew eventually she would make it.

I'm sure there are a lot of artists out there who have gone thru similar things. But there is just something about Gaga that draws me to her. She makes me feel like I can do anything, well her music does! I listen to her songs and think, if she can do it...I can do it. Even if I hit roadblocks, eventually I will be where I'm suppose to be.

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