Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wait...teal? I thought it was pink?

So the saying is, "You cant teach a old dog new tricks". Meaning people cant change. Once they are set in there ways, that's the way they stay. But there has to be some kind of age on this right? What is considered a "old dog"? Are your habits set by age 13, 18, 28, 38? You get my point. That statement is very vague. Or maybe its not really meant to mean anything. Maybe its just a excuse for the people who aren't willing to change. So you are just suppose to accept it and move on...cant teach um they just wont learn.

As a little girl I loved barbies and pink! Care Bears, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, Jem! Ahh life was easy. Wake up from a nap to cold milk and fresh cookies. Play store with the treadmill, pretend trips to Atlantic City in my brothers car shaped bed. Things have changed, times have changed. Ive gotten older and its not the same anymore.

I was never one to stand out. I'm still not! But I want to do things. Nothing in particular but if there is something I want to do, I should be able to do it. Whatever it is. So what if I didn't do it 10 years ago, I want to do it now! The older I get the more I realize how short life is and how I just want to be happy! The things that didn't seem fun 10 years ago, may seem fun now. Doesn't make me  a bad person. Just makes me a more appreciative person.

So what I want to color my hair, cut it, go sky diving, get a tattoo! 
People change. You can either support them in there change, change with them, or want the person you knew back. But if you love someone or something, shouldn't you accept it thru all its changes? Good, bad and other?

I hate that saying "I want the old you back" Cliche right? You hear it all the time on the Lifetime movies. Right before they say they want a divorce, one of them says "I want the old you back". Who is that benefiting tho? The person who is asking that's who! Then the other person says "that's not me anymore". Then the other person wonders, what happened? Why this change?? Life happened! Age happened, maturity happened. Doesn't make either person a bad person. They are just different!

Life is constantly evolving around us. One minute you have the latest and greatest and within days it is "old" or replaced by the newest latest and greatest.
So in a world that is constantly changing, how can one possibly stay the same? You have to evolve, change, it order to adapt.

Some changes are there fighting the urge to really let loose! Other changes are monumental! I'm not saying to go from a straight edge to a junkie. But break your mold! If you wanna do something, freaking do it!!  I do not want to be on my death bed and think, GOSH I should've done __________. I want to DO.

So yeah, maybe I have changed since high school. But I'm 28 isn't that to be expected? I believe I'm still the same caring person who wanted nothing more but kids. But I'm more jaded now, a little rougher and little tougher. Life will do that to ya. Make your skin tougher. It HAS to. Adapt...change.... in order to survive. 

So either let me be me or get outta my way! Change is inevitable. You make mistakes to learn, and so it wont happen again. You get braver, stronger and smarter. 

My favorite color is teal green...its not pink. I will continue to learn new tricks

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm the kinda girl......

  1. Who is the first person to find out you are pregnant, but not invited to the baby shower
  2. Who doesn't get invited to girls night, and even if I was invited, probably wouldn't go, but it still bothers me not to get asked
  3. Who has SO many ambitions, but as soon as I see how much work is needed, I quickly give up
  4. Who eats more when people aren't watching
  5. Who gets overly emotionally involved in other friends problems
  6. Who is sad when you are sad, mad when you are mad, worried when you are worried
  7. Who feels guilty for not spending every moment of my free time with my kids
  8. Who can give GREAT advice....but when it comes to taking it, yeah...not so great
  9. Who is stubborn! I have a opinion and even though I may not state it, you cannot change it
  10. Who strangers talk to and feel compelled to tell their whole life story
  11. Who takes EVERYTHING personal, if even for a second I think it might have to do with me, I think its about me
  12. Who thinks it is MUCH better to give then to receive. There is no greater joy then finding the perfect gift for someone!
  13. Who believes it is the little things that means the most...Actions speak louder then words. And sometimes the less someone says, the better
  14. Who is a dessert junkie
  15. who likes to experiment in the kitchen...and if it doesn't taste good the first time I will keep trying. I have made 9 pumpkin loaves in one evening because I didn't like the first batch
  16. Who loves bath towels!
  17. Who loves a good book. I refuse to buy a damn kindle. There is nothing like a actual book and the smell of a old library book
  18. Who believes I was born in the wrong time period. 
  19. Who wants to learn to swing dance
  20. Who likes to be outside, walking, laying on the beach, hammock or sitting on a deck. Minus the mosquitoes
  21. Who sometimes just wants silence! No tv, no radio, no talking...just silence.
  22. Who likes the toilet paper going OVER not under
  23. Who sometimes doesn't mind shopping by myself
  24. Who goes into a store, and looks at the mannequin and buys that EXACT outfit because I know it will look good
  25. Who wont tell you if you've upset me, or hurt me. 
  26. Who HATES confrontation, make love not war :)
  27. Who loves how it feels after a good workout, but needs some serious motivation to get the workout started.
  28. Who wants to try all the local places that were on Drivers Dive Ins and Dives
  29. who cannot stand to think someone is mad or displeased with me
  30. Who wants everyone to like her. maybe not love, but just not hate!
  31. Who is NOT the life of the party LOL
  32. Who is giggly after ONE drink
......and that is all for now :)