Sunday, May 13, 2012


Everyone knows I adore, cherish and love both..that's right..BOTH of my children more than anything in the world.
I cannot fathom anything happening to them. If I could keep them in my pocket I would. I dread the idea of them moving or going away to college. I cringe at the idea of them being teenagers and them becoming "too cool" to be seen with mom, or hug mom :/
The thought is to much to bear. I don't have a hobby...I have nothing to do but devote everything Iam and everything I do for my children...CHILDREN, not child. Maybe one day I will regret not doing more for myself, but I sincerely doubt that. I have no regrets and cant imagine regretting spending New Years Eve with with my babies. I know one year they will want to be with their friends, or gf/bf. So do I or will I regret missing a night out at the bar to throw confetti in the air with my kids? Never. Will I regret the hangover I missed vs movie nights and sleeping downstairs with a pile of pillows? Never
I don't knock other moms for wanting/needing or feeling different than I do. Everyone is different and I don't judge. But..its my life, and my blog so Im going to tell you how I feel :) a mom and as its Mothers Day...  I will now tell you some things that I promise I will do for them :)

I promise......
To love you with every being of my soul
To attend every sporting event as long as your brother/sister doesn't have one the same day... Otherwise I will have to do every other event,
To be fair and treat both my kids equal
When I attend games, concerts, plays I will NOT use my cellphone, my attention is 100% yours
To buy you clothes that we BOTH approve of
To be your MOM.. and to be a shoulder to cry on and a place to feel safe
To yell at you and tell you when you are wrong and punish you when needed
To encourage you, love you always, and never ever curse at you
To hold your hand when needed and let go when I know you don't need it...But I will remind you that at any moment if you reach hand will always be there
To do everything in my power to provide you with every opportunity in life
To let you try every sport, extra activity you want and let you continue as long as you want
To love you with every being of my soul
To never let you quit
To wipe the tears that fall on your cheeks, and if they are caused by a bf/gf I will go after them ;)
To protect you as much as I can but to let you make your own mistakes
To catch you every time you fall or feel close to falling
To make you the best person I know how
To cry at every "graduation" or award ceremony
To push you do to your best and expect greatness from you..because that is what you are, greatness
To never say "You cant do that" or "Your grades aren't good enough" or "Pick something else", I will always encourage you
To give you constructive criticism 
To be a good role model and to show the right way to eat and that exercise is good for you
To let you eat chicken nuggets, french fries and soda....sometimes ;)
To make your birthday a BIG event..because it is, Its my favorite "holiday" ..The days that I was so blessed to have you come into my life.
To explain the importance of safe sex
To try and understand relationships which YOU think are with the person you will marry....even tho you are only 13
To NOT be the "cool mom" who lets you drink in the house when you are under 21
To sit up waiting for you and if you are late on curfew to ground you, take your phone and your keys
To love you with every being of my soul
To embarrass you
To try my best to get you awesome seats to your favorite concert
To let you the future...way...way...future
To rub your back when you throw up and to sleep at the edge of your bed
To not give you everything you want and to turn you into a selfish, rotten, spoiled brat
To always provide you with the things you NEED but not always the things you want
To miss you like crazy, and possibly cry just a little when you go to a sleepover
To not apologize for just wanting you home
To hug and kiss you as much as I can, while I can
To get nervous at all your games, plays, activities etc
To cry tears of joy with the pride I feel for you
To love you with every being of my soul

I promise to ALWAYS love you, to NEVER disown you, to NEVER say you are not my child, to NEVER say I don't love you.
I promise that I will always be your mom and there will never be a day that goes by that I will not say I love you


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