Monday, June 20, 2011

Do I even have time for this??

The other day I was getting ready to post a facebook status. A couple different blurbs ran thru my head. My initial thought was to post another "lesson" that I had learned or wanted to learn. ANother thought was to post "so many thoughts so little space." Thats when I thought, Ill write a blog to get all my thoughts out that are more then a sentence long.

 As I sat at the computer trying to think of a web address, the kids are screaming, the hubby needs help, and the laundry is screaming my name. In theory the idea if a blog is a great idea! It would be great place for me ti place all my thoughts down, couponing adventures, people who annoy me ;) A great place to vent freely and maybe get some feedback. But do I even have time for this? I feel like I have NO time for anything. And if I do something, I think, I shouldnt be doing this...I should be doing "that". Whatever "that" is, its always more important then what Im already doing.

My schedule is busy! 7 days a week 365 days a year. Well, maybe theres some off days thrown in there AKA sick days. Work, work, work all day long. As for the evenings, its ran by sports mostly. At least 2x a week Kaylee is either at a sporting practice or a sporting game. Every Friday she has ice hockey. The other 2 days during the week the hubby has band practice. Which leads us to the weekend time. Those are filled with sporting events, band shows, baby showers and birthday parties. Sometimes all of the above. Ive been trying to give couponing a try. That however is VERY time consuming. I use to exercise EVERYDAY! Now I dont know how I did it? I can barely find time to sit down
This is a typical day
540- wake up, shower, get Jeremy ready for daycare
615- leave the house in order to get Jeremy to daycare RIGHT when they open at 630
640/645- after hugs and kisses and preparing his breakfast Im out the daycare door
715/720- work arrival time
345/350- Departure from work
420/430- Pick up little man from daycare
445/450- Arrive home to scarf down dinner, take Jeremy potty, pack a snack
515- Out the door for softball practice/game
745/800- Arrive home, give Jeremy bath, Kaylee gets shower
830- Jeremy goes to bed
900- Make lunches for next day and prepare breakfast
930ish- FInally get to sit down and possibly watch tv

So you can the time 930 rolls around, the last thing I feel like doing after running around ALL DAY is exercising. The last thing I feel like doing is cutting coupons or looking thru grocery ads. I just want to sit down for a couple minutes without thinking and just relax! Im not a lazy person. I actually do LOVE exercising. I feel great after I do it. Maybe I just need to learn some time management> Although the only other option I see is to get up early. And I do NOT consider myself a morning person!! ;)

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