Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Man I use to know

I don't know my real father, he gave me up
But I didn't care because I knew real love.

The man who took care of me since I was just 3
I called him my Dad and he was all I would ever need

He left me pennies when I would visit at work
He would always comfort me whenever I was hurt

He attended every concert, every event, no matter the day
He left me notes for school and knew just what to say

He helped me go down the big yellow slide
He had water gun fights with us all the time

That man I use to know is no longer here
He is just a stranger, no one I hold dear

That man I use to know is just a memory
He is now just a man with no meaning to me

The man who I called my dad who I loved so much
Did nothing at all but break my trust

That man I use to love has gone so far away
That man I would've done anything for, has scarred me in so many ways

That man I thought I knew, turns out I don't know at all.
He is no one I respect, no one that I call

Betrayed, heartbroken and completely beaten down
I have no one to call my dad, no one is around

No one to call on fathers day
No one to buy a gift

No one to say I miss you to
No one to say Thanks for all you did

There is no one I call my father, no one I call my dad
There is no "dad" that I can hug when things are getting bad

The man I loved and trusted... the man I called my dad
Broke my heart, walked away and never has looked back