Monday, June 20, 2011

Couponing is a daunting task

To sit here with TONS of ads and go thru and clip what you will actually use. Things are labeled to be selling points. The ads make the food look delicious and the cleaning products make the the counter sparkle. "Ohhh cottage looks yummy...but i dont like cottage cheese...well maybe it its on sale" So here Iam clipping piles of coupons some of which i know I either dont like or dont need. Thats where they getcha! Uve been watching Extreme Couponing on TLC. Its a fascinating show. But can also lead to extreme frustration. Every time I watch it, I get so exciter about going shopping! Then I go and Im sadly disappointed when I have spent over what the people on the show have. I go into the store with a pile of couons havving NO idea if these things that are on sale, are really even on sale!! I see them in the ad and I have this magic paper that means money off. I have a tocke pile at my house right now. Is it useful? Sometimes. Does the cost offset my time clipping these coupons? Not as of yet it doesnt. I average a savings of around 40-50% NOw I dont know about you but when I think percentages I think grades....40% is a F in school! I failed my job of saving money. So you can see how I can be frustrated

Choosing what store to go to is another hassle. Before I would either go to Safeway or Giant. Why? Because they offer gas rewards. Now...Giant and Safeway are both a good 10min drive away. I pass 2 other grocery stores on the way TO these stores

Giant is expensive, BUT I know when I go in there I can get everything I need in one place. Produce is fresh, they have every brand of everything you need. And of course the kids love the cookie club. There gas program is for every $100 you spend you get .10 off a gallon of gas. I like the instant rewards so I cant keep the gas points on there long before Im using them. The best deal is to go to Shell on Thursdays, which gives you .5 off per gallon. Add that to your .10 .20 off Giant rewards and its not a bad deal.

Safeway has good produce as well. Ive managed to get pretty good deals at safeway. There gas rewards is .10 off gallon. ...thats it. There is no .20 .30 off. Just .10. ANother annoying thing is you have to use the Safeway gas station. Where Giant you can go to any Shell station. So unless your getting gas before or after the store or you live near Safeway, this plan isnt very helpful. Either way, Im still trying. Still clipping and still trying to compare the sale ads to the coupons to the things I buy

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