Monday, August 8, 2011

"You cant be happy with someone else if you arent happy with yourself"
Sound familiar? It should...its a common saying.
But what does it MEAN!? Why do I have to be happy with myself? I dont like this saying.

Im not happy with myself and I dont think I EVER will be. There are things that I would LOVE to change about the way I look. And unless I win the lotto and can afford surgery, these are things I cannot change.

I love my kids though. I love my kids with everything Iam. I would do anything for them. They make me BEYOND happy. So what I dont like myself. Thats not affecting them. Im careful as to what I say so I dont affect Kaylees image of herself. But other then that, the fact that I dont like things...has no effect on them.

So...this is why I say...this statment is horse$hit!!

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